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    March 25, 18:00 – 19:00 CET

    In this interactive webinar, Rachel Suery, creator of “Coaching Children and Young People” programme, will share with us:

    1. How the coaching approach empowers young people in today’s world.
    2. A brief introduction of the model that supports her methodology.
    3. A vision of what will be presented in the course.


    What you will get?

    1. Creative ways to engage children and young people to express their thoughts, feelings and goals
    2. Develop skills to help children establish goals
    3. The capacity to design powerful alliances with all stakeholders: The child, the parents, caregivers, counselors
    4. A coaching Tool Kit of proven methods that support each step of the coaching process
    5. The capacity to follow a coaching process from start to finish
    6. The ability to help children develop life-skills and coping mechanisms for a successful future
    7. Live demonstrations of each tool with real-life scenarios
    8. An in-depth manual of all materials and tools presented


    An experiential and interactive learning environment.
    Proven techniques from experienced and certified leaders and trainers.
    The capacity to work with children and young people.

    At the end of the course you will receive 15 CCE units from the ICF of which 10 are Core Competencies and 5 are of Resource Development.


    Rachel Suery is an ICF accredited and Certified Co-Active Coach. She has over 25 years of international experience in education as a teacher, guidance counselor and educational psychologist. 

    As well as teaching and coaching, she holds a BA in Psychology and Education, MEdPsych in Educational Psychology, International Counselling Certification, Solution Focused Therapy Training and is a certified Mindfulness teacher. 

    Originally from New Zealand, she currently lives in Zurich, Switzerland, working with private clients and including schools, teachers and parents.

    What you will learn

    1. The Coaching Children and Young People Model and its utility
    2. The coaching process that includes:
      • Creating the Coaching Engagement
      • Self Exploration
      • Establishing Goals
      • Coaching Tool Kit
      • Action Plan
    3. The coach approach to generating resilience and self  confidence in children
    4. Foundational skill sets to coach children and young people confidently
    5. Ethical consideration and boundaries when working with this niche

    This course is targeted to:

    1. Experienced coaches who are passionate about working with children and young people
    2. People who want to make a difference in how we raise our children and give them life skills to navigate life and understand themselves better
    3. Coaches who want to develop themselves in this pivotal market that includes children, young people, educators and educational institutions
    ICFWith this programme will obtain 15 hours ICF Continuing Education units, comprising 10 hours in Core Competencies and 5 hours in Resource Development.


    Experiential Workshop on Zoom platform

    Training Dates

    April 6, 13, 20, 27
    15:00 – 19:00 CET

    What people are saying

    “I would highly recommend attending one of Rachel’s parenting workshops. Our two hour session was packed full of take home messages that could be implemented in our family immediately. After each concept was carefully outlined, Rachel provided specific and relevant example situations which really helped to solidify the information and allow me to think about how I could apply it to our specific situation. Thank you Rachel… you have definitely added another string to my parenting bow!”

    Claire Arnstein, Switzerland

    “What I most got out of Rachel’s strengths workshop is how I can use a coaching mindset to help my kids discover and grow their strengths. Rachel provided us with handouts on “powerful questions” we could use to get us as parents into the coaching mindset of talking to our kids- this was so helpful. I came away with many ideas of activities and ways to have conversations with my teenagers to help them recognize, grow and really embrace their strengths. The strength cards she showed were amazing- I really need to get a set to use at home, not just with the kids but with the whole family!”

    Mary S, Switzerland

    “Rachel’s workshop “Strengths Based Parenting” truly opened my eyes. As a parent of a 3-year old I realised how powerful my encouragement of her strengths, instead of pointing out the weaknesses, can help our children grow. I also became aware of how what we do to our children we also do to ourselves – focusing on our shortcomings, in hope it will motivate us to change, which it never really does! Thank you so much Rachel for changing my outlook on the way I see my entire family, myself included.”

    Klaudia Gorczyca, Poland

    Interview - Rachel Suery with Clark Friedrichs

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