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For many of our coachees the body is what carries them from meeting to meeting, whilst their head does the important work. As coaches we often know this isn’t true, but how do we get our coaches to take seriously their body as a source of wisdom and a place of learning, rather than an instrumental or idealised view of the body.

In this session running across 4 mornings, each about a week apart, we will explore:

• A map of the trajectory for somatic coaching – how we progress a client from one shape, with its capabilities, to a new shape reflecting a different set of capabilities which move the client towards the future they care about.
• An understanding of somatics as methodology for working with change in clients.
• A framework of interventions for how we can assist a client in moving through the trajectory towards their desired future.

The 4 sessions will cover a balance of theory and practice, and participants will be asked to go out and practice aspects of the somatic work – initially on themselves and then with their clients. In fact, the most important work of the programme may happen between the sessions.

To support the programme we will be asking participants to read chapters of the following books during the programme:
• Embodied Leadership by Pete Hamill
• The Art of Somatic Coaching by Richard Strozzi-Heckler

These are available at Amazon and other online retailers (and in physical bookshops, where they are allowed to open during the panedemic).
This course will be run by Pete Hamill, who is a coach and consultant who works with individuals, groups and organisations using a somatic methodology. Pete is also senior teacher at Strozzi Institute.

Somatic Coaching

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