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  • Programme Presentation: ORSC

    Programme Presentation: ORSC

    If you are interested in increasing your competence level as a facilitator or coach by incorporating coaching system tools, the Organisational and Relational Systems Coaching Programme ORSCTM presentation would be ideal for you.

    The presentation will share the conceptual basis of the ORSCTM (Organisational and Relational Systems Coaching Programme) model and its scope of application.

    It will also provide attendees with the dynamics of our model by inviting them to collaborate, should they wish to participate, so that everyone present can experience the real power of ORSCTM.

    If you are interested in team coaching, this is the perfect opportunity to train at the prestigious and international CRR Global school, where you can learn all the theory you require while practically experiencing the course. If you have already been trained but want to support us with your assistance, this presentation is a good opportunity to meet again and share experiences.

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