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  • Psychodiagnostic tools applied to leaders and culture transformation

    Psychodiagnostic tools applied to leaders and culture transformation

    Human capital is the true differential engine of an organisation and management its undisputed driver.

    Knowing how to monitor and manage emotions and feelings, both our own and those of others, and how to use the information those actions provide to orient our conduct and control triggering thoughts, remains essential to understanding how to lead ourselves, our work, life in general and others. As a leader:

    • If you are interested in identifying your behaviour style, how you react to challenges, how you make decisions and communicate.
    • If you are interested in discovering how your behaviour can influence others and maximise their focus on achieving goals as well as how you can increase their levels of motivation, cooperation and adherence to the organisational culture.
    • If you are interested in discovering how to regulate your emotions and those of others to bring out the organisation’s latent vision, energise performance and optimise the work environment by creating new management models that are more participatory, integrated and sustainable.

    We suggest you research the four pillars that strengthen the psychological security within an organisational context by applying:

    • Psychological Perception: the ability to accurately read emotions is the most basic skill in any leadership and team management process. It involves correctly recognising and identifying emotions in others and in our environment.
    • Psychological Facilitation: the way we feel based on our thoughts, influences how we behave and make decisions. Understanding what moods are most appropriate for each situation and ‘creating the right mood’ is a skill.
    • Psychological Understanding: focuses on the ability to think accurately about emotions. Implies a capacity to understand the existing connections between situations and certain emotions, as well as that it is possible to feel diverse, and even conflicting, emotions in certain situations.
    • Psychological Management: the ability to feel an emotion and combine reasoning with that emotion to make the best possible decisions and carry out the most effective actions.

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