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  • Tell me what you eat and I will tell you who you are

    Tell me what you eat and I will tell you who you are

    We are what we eat, and there are more and more studies showing that how we eat determines how we think and influences our decision-making and our emotional state. Learning to eat healthy is essential to our well-being, not through prohibitions, but by choosing in order to have healthier habits.

    Are we cognizant of where we are by observing and identifying those foods that we routinely eat? Which ones am I most attached to (emotionally or physically)? Does our nutrition jeopardize our health?

    In this workshop, we will present interesting families of foods and their classification (protein, carbs, etc.) and see basic cooking techniques. We will practice with simple recipes that are healthy yet pleasing to the senses in order to try out different tastes and textures (techniques for cooking cereals, vegetables, etc.). We will also acquire a knowledge of the basic flavours associated with emotions and see the relationship between the vital organs and how they can affect our health.

    Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) describes five elements, each with specific characteristics that are highly correlated with our essence. This workshop will help us discover how we identify with some of the elements, thus revealing the best way for you to eat, not only based on your essence but also to improve your emotional self. We all know that not all diets work. This tells us that not all foods are suited to everyone. There are people, for example, for whom a salad can be a good source of food; others, however, are bloated by salad, which disagrees with their organism.

    Find out what TCM says about the best way to eat. We will give you guidelines to tone and revitalize your vital organs for the purpose of generating positive and harmonious emotions.

    Course intended for those people who want to improve their relationship with food and understand which ones are best suited to their physical and emotional well-being.


    When fine cuisine took hold in this country, Mireia Anglada started working with the world’s best chefs as an instructor on cutting-edge techniques. She was then trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), naturopathy, natural and energetic diets and mindful eating. Her knowledge and experience have led her to combine fine cuisine with healthy foods to promote health through eating habits. She currently heads the company that bears her name, works on R&D with companies in the organic sector, and gives classes and lectures at catering schools and centres throughout Spain.

    THERE ARE ONLY 30 PLACES AVAILABLE (places are limited and allocated on a first-come-first-served basis).