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  • Transformative Mediation

    Transformative Mediation

    Most of the problems that an individual faces on a daily basis are solved through negotiation. In fact, developing effective skills to increase our ability to manage differences with others can result in significant benefits for all areas of life, whether in business agreements, labour relations, managerial decisions, confrontations of any kind, or even simply to decide everyday issues in our personal lives.


    • Ensure participants are aware of the advantages of applying alternative conflict resolution methods in organisations from a transformative perspective.
    • Provide students with the theoretical and practical knowledge they need to identify underlying aspects of conflicts, so they can clearly understand the other party’s perspective.
    • Give participants the tools and skills they need in a hierarchical structure to act with greater security when handling disputes or intervening as a third party in disagreements.
    • Provide participants with the tools they need as a coach to successfully intervene by identifying and evaluating fundamental aspects that must be taken into account during negotiation processes in order to ensure that the conflict can be resolved through a transformative approach.

    The transformative mediation model does not focus on reaching an agreement, but on transforming the interaction of the parties involved in the conflict and the effects it has on those involved, aiming instead to generate positive changes that will have a long-lasting impact on the organisation.


    Gustavo Fariña,

    co-training with Joseph Folger (creator of transformative mediation), in Spanish-speaking countries.

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