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  • Marita Fridjhon Y Faith Fuller – conferencia en Valkiria Hub Space

    Marita Fridjhon tells us that the systems—like the people who are part of them—are are interdependent with each other. As a social activist in South Africa during the apartheid era she could see that in her country the conditions of social exclusion did not change until international pressure or, what she calls a larger system, began to change, manifesting itself through a new environment of public opinion and economic sanctions. Regardless of who leads a country, a community or a department in the professional environment, leadership belongs to the system.
    Faith Fuller tells us about relationship and the importance of being curious about the type of relationships we develop with others and specifically with our immediate partner. The couple is the minimum unit of a relational system. The success or failure of a “possible future” may depend on maintaining or not maintaining a correct relationship. She asks: “How correct is our relationship with nature as a last system?”
    Maritha and Faith co-founded CRR Global almost two decades ago, in San Francisco, California, and are co-developers of the ORSC methodology, the Systemic Coaching model with the greatest impact and internationally is the most widely known. It is a methodology that contributes to transform our idea of ??the world not only from the social environment but also from inside companies.