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  • Presence and Leadership

    The essence of leadership is based on our ability to choose what to focus on

    This ability, which we seemingly all have, or practice, innately, is unique in that it lays out the complete picture of our life, painting everything within it: relationships, career development, life options.

    Therefore, beyond having the skills and powers needed to realize our intentions, our leadership will depend on training that ability and being capable of exercising it intentionally and consciously.

    The first module in the Somatic Leadership program (Leadership in Action One) is essentially about training our consciousness on what we focus on at any given moment and about feeling how our body and the form of our body, our “Soma”, are an essential part of that process.

    We are what we do, and we’re always doing something. Observing what we do is a good way to find out who we are. To the extent that our actions support our personal or professional goals, it is something that we will have to evaluate based on whether the conditions needed to satisfy our intentions are being met.

    In the Somatic Leadership program, we decide and declare our intention (thought and action). We observe the nature of our responses and the conditioned tendencies registered in our body in the face of the stimuli or challenges around us. And we do so by feeling how this response is built inside us. Is there stiffness? Do we adjust? Is there tension? Does some part of our “Soma” collapse, or is it insufficiently present? And what does all this do to shape us?

    If we have the presence and the impact we desire, the quality relationships we want or the necessary well-being, it’s because of the decisions we make and the actions we take. There is an “embodied” record stored in the “implicit memory” of our body that determines our actions and our presence, which is where the somatic work takes place. The somatic transformation entails precisely this, making new actions available for us to execute, even under pressure.

    The corporal experience behind our “Yes” or our “No” during our “spoken acts”. What we include and exclude when making or receiving requests. What we decide to face and what we decide to ignore. These are all basic acts of leadership that build our “Soma”, determine our presence and have a decisive impact on others and on fulfilling our intention.

    Through Somatic work, we can overwrite the implicit memory, that which is recorded in our body, such that our presence can explain the story we need to tell others and tell ourselves in order to achieve it.