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  • Not satisfied with how you’re getting along with your employees?

    After receiving requests from you for years to build on the concepts for Managing Incompetence, I am excited to be able to offer a workshop in Barcelona on October 5.

    All executives want to get along with their employees, but few are able to. Bosses find it hard to devote the time and energy needed to deal with their employees. The prevailing motivational models don’t help much when faced with absent-minded, hyperactive, overwhelmed or depressed employees, who don’t show up at speeches, but do come to our offices.

    Managing Incompetence is a new approach to executive management that avoids abstract, utopian and triumphalist models. We’re all incompetent in some ways, but in different ways. Should we demand more or less? Give more or fewer resources? Wait and let things settle? People can fail due to fatigue, few resources, lack of preparation or too much of it. We’re more incompetent than we think, but we also have more potential than we realize.

    In this workshop we will work on these topics specifically. We will lay out plans of action to improve how you manage people, and propose a practical, step-by-step method to interpret your labor problems and study how to overcome them.

    We promise to:

    1. Create a space to change our perspective, to have a few hours away from our employees to reflect on how to help them more in their improvement process. It’s something you and they will appreciate.
    2. Incorporate the FOUGI diagnosis model, which we will apply to actual cases from the participants.
    3. Propose and practice tools for managing people: specify, teach, listen, reprimand, thank…

    We’ll do so through surveys, exercises, mini case studies, videos, debates and plans of action.

    If you’re not satisfied with how you get along with your employees, we can talk about it in Barcelona on October 5! And if you’re completely satisfied and proud of how you get along with your employees, you urgently need this seminar!

    Learn more details about what you’ll get out of this session on MANAGING INCOMPETENCE // A practical approach to managing employees