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  • Co-Active is the New Language
    of Coaching & Leadership


    Professional Co-Active – CTI


    The Professional Co-Active Coaching program is acknowledged to be the most rigorous international coach training and certification program in the coaching industry.

    CTI is the largest and longest-standing organization on five continents, with over 65,000 coaches trained – over a third, with Fortune 100 companies.

    The program prepares you to provide great coaching to anyone, on any topic, using the Co-Active model, acknowledged to be the most flexible, proven model in the coaching profession.

    Once you have completed the first 2 stages of our professional coach training program (the Co-active Fundamentals Module + the 4 Modules of the Co-active Coach Training Series) you will be prepared to embark on the Certification Program, taking you on your path to coaching mastery.

    Upon completing the entire program you will be awarded the prestigious Certified Professional Co-active Coach (CPCC) credential, recognized and respected the world over as one of the most renowned degrees in the profession.

    Co-Active Coaching Fundamentals

    The Co-Active Coaching “Fundamentals” module is an introduction to the Co-Active model and the first course in the Co-Active Coach training series.

    Our participative, experiential learning methodology will offer you numerous opportunities to practice coaching and receive valuable feedback on your newly acquired skills.

    The “Fundamentals” module is a stand-alone course in which basic coaching skills are learned and practiced. As such, it is recommended for anyone, even if your goal is not to become a professional coach.

    Core Curriculum – Coach Training

    Co-active coach training continues with the advanced series, or “Core Curriculum”. In these courses you will explore the essential coaching principles: Fulfillment, Balance, Process and Synergy.

    This immersive training fosters extraordinary personal and professional development.

    You will have an effective, reliable framework to work from as you increase your proficiency in Co-active coaching – one of the world’s most in-demand coach and leadership development programs.

    Professional Certification (CPCC)

    This virtual, 6 month-long program deepens your coaching mastery, as well as making you eligible for the official credential awarded by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

    During weekly sessions you will further delve into the major themes of the Core Curriculum, practicing in triads and perfecting your skills under the supervision of professional coaches while building your coaching business and preparing to obtain your CPCC accreditation, one of the most respected and coveted certifications in the coaching industry.