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ORSC stands for Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching. It is an integrated and consolidated coaching model based on Relationship Systems Intelligence.


Beyond emotional intelligence (relationship with self) and social intelligence (relationship with others) is the realm of relationship systems intelligence where the focus of one shifts to the relationship with the group, team or system. This approach creates sustainable and resilient teams, organizations and families.

On what is ORSC based?

ORSC is based on systems theory, process work, family systems therapy, alternative dispute resolution, Co-Active Coaching™ and more. At its core is the study and application of relationship systems intelligence.


The ORSC model, developed by CRR Global, starts from the principle that the Relationship, the Culture or the System in which we are involved, is absolutely determinant in measuring our well-being and efficiency, and develops a methodological basis, tools and dynamics. This allows the facilitator or coach to access that invisible body, the culture of the Organizational or Relational System and make it explicit. The team or system is then able to develop its full potential with the care of its members.

ORSC team and relational systems coaching is one of the most prestigious and internationally recognized training programs in the coaching industry.


The 5 Priciples of Relationship Systems Intelligence

The five principles of RSI are CRR Global’s proprietary and overarching stance that underpins its body of work. They are required in the art of being a Relationship Systems Worker. These principles get executed through tools leveraging skills which develop competencies.

  1. Accessing the Team’s entity
    Each relationship system has its own unique identity or ‘personality’.
  2. Hearing, seeing and feeling the Team
    every member of the relationship system is a Voice of the System.
  3. The Team has the answers
    Relationships systems are naturally intelligent, generative and creative.
  4. Roles belong to the Team
    Relationships systems rely on roles for their organization and execution of functions.
  5. Change is constant
    Relationships systems are in a constant state of emergence.



Fundamentals (Introduction to Relational Systems Coaching)

The ORSC Fundamentals course explores an innovative model for coaching teams, individuals, families, couples, partnerships and organizations. Whether your area of coaching is 1:1 coaching, relationship coaching, business coaching or team coaching, working with the ORSC model will change the way you coach!


This two-day experiential course will provide you with the skills and operational foundations necessary to become familiar with this new paradigm. The systemic approach gives coaching or facilitation the ability to transform in real time the culture that a group of people develop by being together. In ORSC's words, it allows the revealation of the system to itself.


You will learn about the model in which ORSC is framed. You will explore the differences between personal coaching and coaching a system, the Third Entity™ (the relationship itself). You will gain extensive experience using systems coaching in both real and created scenarios and in a variety of settings, including organizations, businesses, families, sports teams or couples of any type.


This course can be taken independently and is a prerequisite for the rest of the program.

ORSC Series

Relationship Intelligence (A Roadmap for Change)

Focuses on the deep processes of emotional experience. Emotions are the currency of relationship. You will be introduced to Arnold Mindell's process work and new skills for deploying emotional processes by working with "signals, channels and boundaries."


Systems Geography (Roles and Structure)

Deals with the usual structures of the relationship, such as roles and cultural influences. To coach system geography is to work creatively with external roles (operational function of the relationship), internal roles (emotional function of the relationship), secret roles (hidden personality traits that can be triggered in the relationship) and ghost roles (invisible presences that affect the relationship).


Relationship Trajectory (Vision and Potential)

You will subtly focus on the space, energy and potential of the relationship. Novel and eclectic, it draws on quantum physics, Joseph Campbell's work on myth, Taoism and process work to radically explore the deeper meaning of relationship.


Systems Integration (Moving Towards Mastery)

Moving toward mastery is the purpose of the final module. This advanced module provides a space for learning and integration where organizational, systems and relationship coaching skills can be deepened and sharpened.



"The Organizational and Relationship Systems Certification Program is the most in-depth program I have encountered in the area of team coaching. Working with systems is fascinating and very rewarding. The depth of the ORSC philosophy combined with the wide variety of tools and skills have contributed substantially to my success and effectiveness as a professional."

Jennifer W. Campbell | Senior Consultant & Coach | Organizational Development, Leadership & Change


"I have been coaching and consulting with organizations for over 25 years; CRR Global has the most practical, impactful and accessible models and tools I have experienced."

William Adams | CEO & Director | Full Circle Group


"I take with me the global vision and perspective of the systems, what is behind a comment, the amount of information it contains and to be able to share this hidden information and work with it together with the rest of the system. In addition, it gives more tools as an individual coach."

Pablo Casanova | COO 


"Using ORSC's tools has given me a competitive edge in my training capabilities that has helped me grow my business and deliver high quality training experiences to my clients."

Kate Ebersole | CPCC


"Geography is a fascinating hands-on course, it's tool-based. I came away with new ideas, new tactics and a deeper understanding of the underlying structure of relationships. The next day, I was able to put many of them into practice in my corporate environment and in my executive coaching practice."

Jim Coyle | CPCC, CFP | Founder, ​Mastery In Action Coaching


"The tools, techniques and skills we learn at ORSC correspond beautifully with what we are asked to do as internal or external Agile Coaches to help people and organizations change."

John Nicol | Business Agility Transformation Coach | PCC, ORSCC and CEC

The schedule of virtual Fundamentals and ORSC Series is from 17:00h to 21:00h. (CET)

In addition to taking this experiential course from your home or office, you will benefit from:
6 sessions of 2 hours of "Learning Lab" led by a CRR Global faculty member or an Experienced Trainer who will be your teachers during the course sessions.
The course will be given entirely in Spanish language, without consecutive translation.
Interconnection with students/consultants from both countries, who will be your colleagues during the course.
Exclusive access platform for participants, teachers and assistants of the series.


Breaks of approximately 15 minutes are scheduled throughout the afternoon sessions.

Presencial Barcelona

Presencial Madrid

This series is scheduled to be delivered in person format. In a event that the current health regulations that manage COVID-19 prevention preclude the in person format, the series will be delivered in a virtual format.

The schedule for the on-site courses is from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm (CET), with an hour and a quarter for lunch. All meals and breaks are included in the registration fee.

ORSC's Organizational and Relational Systems coaching courses offer Continuing Coaching Education Credits (CCEUs). Students who complete ORSC's 5-course curriculum from "Fundamentals" through "Systems Integration" will earn 84 CCEUs.

In turn, the entire ORSC certification program is accredited by ICF as an ACTP program. ORSC™ Certification gives you 96.5 ICF CCEUs

ORSC Virtual Program Prices (España+México)


Enrollment options Price Base

Level 1 + Level 2

Fundamentals, Relational Intelligence, Systems Geography, 
Relationship Trajectory and Systems Integration


In person


Enrollment options Price Base Discounted Price Applied

Level 1


890€ 890€

Level 2

Relational Intelligence, Systems Geography, 
Relationship Trajectory and Systems Integration

5.960€ 5.364€

Level 1 + Level 2

Fundamentals, Relational Intelligence, Systems Geography, 
Relationship Trajectory and Systems Integration

6.750€ 6.028€


Complete program: You will have a 12% bonus for contracting the complete program. You can split the payment in 3 installments. There will be an initial payment in which you will pay the amount corresponding to the first two modules, Fundamentals and Relational Intelligence, a second payment that will include the third module, Systems Geography, and a final payment corresponding to the last two modules of the course, Relationship Path and Systems Integration. All three payments will be made one month before the start of the modules.


Level 2 contracting option: You will receive a 10% bonus for contracting the ORSC Series together. You can split the payment in 3 installments. There will be an initial payment in which the amount corresponding to the first superior module, Relational Intelligence, will be paid, a second payment that will include the second and third superior module, Systems Geography and Relationship Path, and a final payment corresponding to the last module of the course, Systems Integration. All three payments will be made one month prior to the start of the modules.


Course-by-course option: You can register module by module for Level 2. The price for each of the four modules is 1,490 € for the classroom courses. The price includes menus and breaks.

ORSC Certification

It is the culmination of months and even years of commitment by students who wish to develop their expertise in the competencies, tools and skills that make CRR Global uniquely positioned in the marketplace. The ORSC certification program makes you a world-class professional by earning the ORSCC Credential.


With over 500 ORSCCers certified worldwide, we can confidently say that this unique and comprehensive eight-month program with extensive practice, study and online supervision is designed to produce the best ORSC professionals in the world.


The 8-month ORSC certification program consists of two semesters of practice (four months each semester, with a three-week break), interactive online training and extensive supervision. During certification, you will apply the entry-level ORSC material to mastery and practical application in a 3 day residential retreat. 


To whom is it directed?

Executive coaches, agile coaches, scrum masters or experienced coaches who want to raise their competency ceiling and develop a systemic vision and learn tools that allow them to work with teams or relational systems.


ORSC is also the program of reference for social workers who need a rigorous and pragmatic training that allows them to work with groups, families or associations of any kind in an effective and sustainable way.


To leaders in the business or social world who want to deepen their understanding of relational systems and acquire a transformative vision that will enable them to influence the culture of their teams and organizations.


To apply for the certification program, you will need to:
1. Attend and complete ORSC Fundamentals.
2. Complete the ORSC Intermediate series curriculum (Intelligence, Geography, Path and Systems Integration) prior to registering for the Certification.


Benefits of certification

Practice Development. Throughout the program, you will learn how to speak confidently about ORSC coaching, enroll clients and charge what they are worth.

Training as an ORSC Certified Coach. The program builds competency and proficiency in the consistent use of ORSC tools and skills with clients.

Personal growth. Emotional and social intelligence is a natural side effect of continued study of ORSC. Deepen the powerful personal growth you began during previous training courses.

Accreditation. Upon successful completion of the program, you will receive the ORSCC credential. This will make you one of the elite graduates of the only ICF-accredited Relationship Systems Coaching Program in the world, offering your practice a considerable marketing advantage.

Global work. Practically apply your learning with your World Work Project. The World Work Project invites you to directly apply the ORSC model to an area of your personal or professional life where you passionately desire change. Use the project to help create new programs, open businesses opportunities or improve your personal relationships.


Structure of the ORSC certification


• Skill exercise calls. 90-minute calls during which you will study an ORSC skill or tool in depth and then apply it in practice sessions.

• 17 hours of supervision. The program places special emphasis on supervision with:
· 5 hours of group supervision (learning from each other's coaching recordings).
· 6 hours of live team coaching supervision (using a scenario)
· 6 hours of individual supervision (one-on-one).

• Peer-to-peer calls. Frequent triads with your fellow students to discuss material and build community.

• World Work Project. The world work project allows you to apply the ORSC materials in the real world and develop as an agent of change. The project can be as modest or ambitious as you choose.

• 100 hours of coaching. Students have one year to complete their hours and the internship requirement helps cross the boundary to become a successful ORSC Coach.

• A three day residential retreats conducting group coaching with your peers.

1. Fundamentals

  • 1. Fundamentals – 15/16 Abril 2023 – Presencial Barcelona Register

  • 1. Fundamentals – 23/24 September 2023 – Presential Barcelona Register

  • 1. Fundamentals – 30/1 October 2023 – Presential Madrid Register

  • 1. Fundamentals – 18/19 November 2023 – Presential Barcelona Register

  • 1. Fundamentals – 25/26 November 2023 – Presential Madrid Register

  • 1. Fundamentals – english – Online Register

2. Relational Intelligence

  • 2. Inteligencia Relacional – 12/14 Mayo 2023 – Presencial Barcelona Register

  • 2. Inteligencia Relacional – 15/17 December 2023 – Presencial Barcelona Register

  • 2. Relational Intelligence – 12/14 January 2024 – Presential Madrid Register

3. Systems Geography

  • 3. Geografía de Sistemas – 9/11 Junio 2023 – Presencial Barcelona Register

  • 3. Geografía de Sistemas – 26/28 January 2024 – Presential Barcelona Register

  • 3. Systems Geography – 9/11 February 2024 – Presential Madrid Register

4. Relationship Trajectory

  • 4. Trayectoria de las Relaciones – 7/9 Julio 2023 – Presencial Barcelona Register

  • 4. Trayectoria de las Relaciones – 16/18 February 2024 – Presential Barcelona Register

  • 4. Relationship Trajectory – 8/10 March 2024 – Presential Madrid Register

5. Systems Integration

  • 5. Integración de Sistemas – 15/17 Septiembre 2023 – Presencial Barcelona Register

  • 5. Integración de Sistemas – 15/17 March 2024 – Presential Barcelona Register

  • 5. Systems Integration – 12/14 April 2024 – Presential Madrid Register


Week 1

Beginners level

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3 Videos
1 Audio
1 Reading
10 minutes
Video: Greetings and introduction
7 minutes
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12 minutes
Audio: Consectetur adipiscing elit
8 minutes
Reading: Incididunt ut labore et dolore
8 minutes
Graded: MasterClass Technology
3 questions

Week 2

Beginners level

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2 Videos
2 Readings
Reading: Ut enim ad minim veniam
10 minutes
Video: Pottery lessons
8 minutes
Video: Duis aute irure dolor
8 minutes
8 minutes
Graded: MasterClass Technology
3 questions
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