ORSC™ Team and Relational Systems Coaching

CRR Global was the first systems-inspired coach training center accredited by the ICF and the creator of the world-renowned ORSC (Organizational and Relationship Systems Coaching). After more than 20 years, this methodology is present all over the world and constitutes one of the most prestigious and internationally renowned training programs in the systemic coaching industry.

What is ORSC based on?

ORSC is based on systems theory, process work, family systems therapy, alternative conflict resolution, Co-Active Coaching and more. 

It is a coaching model that goes beyond emotional intelligence, relationship with oneself, social intelligence, and relationship with others. The focus shifts to the relationship with the group, team or system, which creates sustainable and resilient systems. This model, developed by CRR Global, is based on the principle that the Relationship, the Culture or the System in which we are involved, is absolutely determinant when measuring our well-being and efficiency. It develops a methodological basis and tools that allow the facilitator or coach to access this invisible body and the culture of the Organizational or Relational System. This process makes it definitive, so that the team or the system is able to develop its full potential, with the care of its members.

Instruction Method:

In person and online (eng)

Upcoming start dates:

Barcelona: Sept. 30th – Oct. 1st

Online: Oct. 14th- 15th (ENG)

Barcelona: Nov. 11th – 12th

Spanish and English

Complete Team Coaching Programa ORSC™

It is a complete unit of content by itself. It offers a new perspective on relationships and 7 tools that you can start using in your sessions from day one, thus expanding your overall potential.

This prepares you to coach any couple, family, team and organization on any topic. The complete ORSC series training provides 35 tools, 20 skills and 10 key competencies.

A culmination of months or even years for those who wish to gain mastery in the competencies, tools and skills that make ORSC uniquely positioned in the marketplace.

The 5 principles of 

Relationship Systems Intelligence (RSI™)

Transforming the face of leadership 


The five principles of RSI are CRR Global’s overall vision that supports their work. These principles are necessary in the art of being a relational systems professional. These principles are implemented through tools that enhance the skills that develop expertise. These are the 5 principles:The five principles of RSI are CRR Global’s own general vision that underpins its work. They are necessary in order to become a relational systems professional. These principles are executed through tools that enhance the skills that develop competencies. These are the 5 principles

Access the team entity
Each relational system has its own identity or “personality”.

Hear, see, and sense the team
Each member of the relational system is a Voice of the System.

The team holds the answers
Relationship systems are naturally intelligent, problem-solving and creative.

Roles belong to the team
Relationship systems rely on roles for their organization and execution of functions.

Change is constant
Relationship systems are in a continuous state of development.

What are the advantages of completing Team Coaching training with GreenLight Go?

  • You have a variety of courses to train as a coach in the field of your choice.
  • We offer official certificates approved by the ICF.
  • We are partners of the world’s largest coaching training organizations.
  • Our partners have more than 20 years of experience training professional coaches.
  • You will gain confidence and experience continuous improvement.
  • You will be more favorably placed in available job opportunities.
  • You will learn to apply different virtues even under pressure.
  • You will gain access to new models of leadership in the field of coaching.
  • All courses can be subsidized by FUNDAE.



Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of team coaching?

Team coaching seeks to develop and maintain well-being and efficiency within the system, culture or relationship in which you are involved as a professional. The focus is not on the relationship you have with yourself or others, but with the group, team or organizational system.

What is the team coaching process?

The team coaching process is based on five principles that develop competencies and skills. These are: identifying and accessing the team's personality, listening to the voice of the system, understanding that each system is naturally intelligent, highlighting the team's roles, and seeing constant change.

What are the benefits of using coaching in team leadership?

With team coaching you can develop the potential of the system as a whole, while also supporting all members. The coach develops methods, tools and dynamics with which they will access the system´s structure and be able to strengthen it. In this way, they contribute to the well-being and efficiency of the organization.

What is a team coach?

It is the professional in charge of creating the ideal environment for the whole team or system to work efficiently and successfully. The team coach has the ability to enhance the qualities of each member of the team, focusing on the objectives of professional development for the well-being of the team.

How can you apply coaching at work?

With the application of coaching, it is expected to promote motivation, development of potential, and satisfactory results in the team. To achieve this, the five fundamental principles must be applied: identifying the team's character, listening to their voices, recognizing their intelligence, their roles and continuous changes.

How can coaching help teams achieve high performance?

The main role of the coach in teams is to strengthen the qualities that they have and that generate self-esteem in them. Therefore, the coach focuses on the motivation, enthusiasm, and leadership of everyone, encouraging the development of personal talent and promoting greater performance.