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Where are they performed?

ET and Somatics, Trauma and Resilience taught in Barcelona in english with residential accomodation in the the historic Masía Can Juliá. With more than 500 years of history, this rural residency provides an optimal setting for teaching and lodging. The property is surrounded by vineyards and forests, giving the opportunity to integrate the learning experience during walks and conversations with others.

Some of the practices require freedom of movement, so comfortable clothing and shoes are recommended.

The residential option at La Masia includes shared doublerooms and full board. Single room are available at the Hotel nearby La Masia. All meals are prepared on site by Chef Rosa María Cristóbal, using local organic ingredients, mostly vegetarian.


Strozzi Institute

The Strozzi Institute is the original architect of the Embodied Transformation program, a unique approach to personal development and transformation that explores realms of learning and understanding that go beyond the cognitive brain: through embodied learning, students acquire a holistic vision of their being in action, as well as developing new abilities and behaviors.

For over 40 years, the Strozzi Institute has delivered innovative training programs and accompanied thousands of leader around the world, both in the multinational setting, as suppliers of major Fortune 500 organizations, and in an institutional framework, including government agencies, the US Marine Corps and NATO, as well as actively collaborating with a number of NGOs.

With Embodied Learning, new knowledge is acquired and used not only by cognitive functions – i.e, the thinking self – but by all parts of our brain and organs; i.e., the feeling self, or totality of one’s being.




“We are what we practice and we are always practicing something” - Dr Richard Strozzi-Heckler

Observing what you practice is a good way to discover who you are. How aligned are your actions with your goals, personal and professional? If you have the presence and the impact you desire, the quality of relationships you want and general wellbeing, it is as a result of the decisions you make and the actions you take.


This program is a benchmark for transformational leadership development, both in the US and in Europe.

The training is experiential and takes place over four days of practices and reflection. The goal is to develop leaders able to embody the skills of authenticity, integrity, accountability and trust necessary to take skilful and creative action in real time. One of the main takeaways of this training is to generate awareness about what you practice and how you do it. The nature of your practices reveals you beliefs, values and “Conditioned Tendencies”. What you do and how you do it is surprisingly revealing once you learn to observe yourself from the experience in the moment, rather than post rationalising the experience.

Our promises include:

  • Increased self awareness, discovering your Conditioned Tendency, and learn tools to effectively work with it.
  • Enhanced leadership in meetings and working as part of a team.
  • Better decision making.
  • Initiate and sustain meaningful relationships.
  • Increased capacity to generate trust and safety.
  • More effective communication.
  • Define and embody a personal goal by crafting a declaration.
  • A more centered self in everyday life. This increases self esteem, inner peace and motivation to continue growing.


What You’ll Discover During This Life-Changing 4-Day In-Person Event

  • You’ll create a declaration, or statement of vision, toward the future you want as you align your vision with your daily actions.
  • Each training session features in-depth teaching, guided exercises, interactive training, and practices — including with partners — you can apply right away.
  • The Strozzi Institute’s 45-year old somatic methodology combines elements of mindfulness, action-oriented communication, martial arts, bodywork, and neuroscience to produce sustainable change…
  • Graduates of this transformative course embody the virtues of authenticity, integrity, accountability, confidence, and a centered presence.


Who is it for?

  • Mission-driven executive leaders and professionals who work in high performance settings and want to maximize their impact and performance.
  • Coaches and consultants who see life both as it is, and as it could be, and are called to be a bridge between the two, in service of their clients.
  • Entrepreneurs and managers of nonprofit social organizations and civic leaders wanting to bring their best to the cause they serve.
  • Healers, educators, parents and care partners for whom staying centered means being able to provide care more effectively.
  • Individuals on a path of personal development seeking greater clarity, focus and well-being in their lives and at work.

«Embodied Transformation by the Strozzi Institute has just become the best training experience I had in my life thus far.

The content, the teachers, the location, the food, the people - there is absolutely nothing I can complain about. A truly life changing experience that I recommend to all.»

Marco Valentini - Mental Health Coach and Ex Team Leader in European Chemicals Agency.

«Thank you for partnering with the Strozzi Institute to bring the excellency of somatic coaching to Europe.

The 4-day training on embodiment was flawless, from the great trainers to the right-sized group, from the good pace and timing to the magnificent venue, a truly positive, sustainable and caring place with hosts leaving no element to chance.»

Marzia Pietrelli - Senior Expert at European Commission & Internal Accredited Coach

«Great training, great awareness, a new and authentic approach to Leadership.

I arrived with no expectations, I knew mostly of the concepts but to embodied then is always a new understanding and awareness. I can do the same course more than once. Thanks for everything.» – Participant EL-1 Oct21′

«It’s the most transformative and eye-opening leadership training I ever had

A small but important detail is that I particularly liked the fact that the course took place in Europe with mostly Europeans. I have been to other leadership trainings in the US and I feel the difference in culture makes me loose some of the context and message. Keeping in mind adapting the course to the local conditions make a difference since after all we are trying to transform our everyday reality here in Europe.» – Participant EL-1 Oct’21

«Very rewarding.

The setting was amazing at Can Julia. The food excellent. We did end up going outside more which I appreciated. Pete Hamill is the star. What an amazing guy. There was a lot of information, new vocabulary and terms and at times difficult to assimilate it all. It’s and intense four days. It was potentially life changing for me. Opened up a new area of transformation that made sense to me. Sergi introduced me to the course and I trust him enough to try it. Pete Hamill strengthened my trust in the concepts of somatic transformation.» – Participant EL-1 Oct’21

Next courses

March 23 - 26

June 1 - 4

Course Schedule

Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. and Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

4 nights included in a shared double room "Wednesday to Sunday"

Masia Can Julià, Sant Esteve Sesrovires (Barcelona)



2.990€ Accomodation in a shared double room at La Masia and full board inluded. 4 nights included, "Wednesday to Sunday".

Let us know If you have any especial requirements on accommodation or board.



Embodied Transformation

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