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    Each coach has an individual gift, their own talent, which they apply more efficiently to a certain field or sector and which comes from their individual characteristics and their human and professional background.

    And it is in that unique place where your unique talent will find the best expression of itself and you will achieve better results.

    Singularizing your coaching, generating your own structures and invoking the authenticity of the client from your own authenticity also requires being open to new learning and connected with the needs of the profession.


    We are all leaders, regardless of the role or social function that we develop. Leading is choosing, it is acting and it is keeping the focus on our choices or projects.

    Being present to internal and external circumstances, being attentive to possibilities and difficulties and willing to act, is what at Green Light GO we understand as efficient leadership.

    Doing it in a responsible way and in accordance with your values and purpose also requires self-knowledge and personal work that allows you to understand the nature of its impact.

    Our experiential programs are aimed not only at courageous leaders, willing to take on the challenge of being even better, but also at teams that aspire to express their full potential, through the development of their collective leadership.