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  • Expanding the Art
    of Leadership

    Advanced Coaching


    Each coach has a singular gift, a talent that is uniquely theirs and that they use to best effect in a particular area or industry, depending on their own characteristics and human and professional background.

    It is in that unique setting that their singular talent will be best expressed, and obtain the best results.

    Making your coaching unique, creating your own tools, and calling forth the client’s authenticity using your own authenticity also requires being open to new learning, and connected with the needs of the profession.

    Somatic coaching – bringing the body into your coaching practice

    “Somatic coaching – bringing the body into your coaching practice”

    For many of our coachees the body is what carries them from meeting to meeting, whilst their head does the important work. As coaches we often know this isn’t true, but how do we get our coaches to take seriously their body as a source of wisdom and a place of learning, rather than an instrumental or idealised view of the body.

    DAC - Advanced Coaching Dynamics

    The goal of DAC is to get you in touch with your creativity, enabling you to break rules and strengthen your connection with your client, using your own authenticity.

    Making your coaching stand out, generating your own structures and evoking the authenticity of your clients by using your own style

    Coaching children and young people

    The purpose of the advanced training workshop of Coaching Children and Young People is to provide participants with the foundation, skillset, and practical experience to be able to confidently coach children and young people.


    Experiential Transformational Training

    We are all leaders,
    regardless of our social function or the role we play. Leading means making choices, taking action, and staying focused on our decisions and projects.

    Being present to internal and external circumstances, alert to possibilities and challenges, and ready to act is what we at Green Light Go refer to as efficient leadership.

    Doing so in a way that is responsible and aligned with your values and purpose also requires self-knowledge and personal work, to understand the nature of your impact.

    Our experiential programs are designed not only for courageous leaders who are ready to rise to the challenge of going even further, but also for teams that aspire to express their full potential through development of their collective leadership.