Green Light GO


Changing the wold through people



Creating transformative learning experiences


To be an essential touchpoint of change for people and organizations committed to a conscious and sustainable future

Our History

Green Light GO was born in 2019 as a personal bet of Clark Friedrichs and Sergio Blancafort to provide official presence in Spain to the ORSC Systems coaching training programs of the CRR Global school, and to the trainings and trainings in Europe of the Strozzi Institute. A courageous decision, driven by the opportunity offered by the moment and by the experience and knowledge treasured by both of them in the world of people development and facilitation. A green light that was joined a year later by CTI, Co-Active Training Institute, turning GreenLight GO into an organization at the international forefront.

Currently, in addition to representing these important organizations with which we are aligned, we promote their methodologies. We design and facilitate advanced professional development programs for coaches, facilitators, and leaders, as well as tailor-made soft skills development programs for corporate environments. Improving the aspects that prevent us from developing our creative and generous nature, both in our lives and in our work, and doing so in harmony with nature, is our great purpose.


Being present

Our future is written in the present, in each of the actions we take and in the moment we take them, observing what happens to us, our internal reactions and also what happens around us and how it impacts us. Discovering the nature of our emotions, our thought patterns and associated actions. Being present implies above all the acceptance of the contained reality and the continent reality on the ground.

Being attentive

Attention is selective. What we allow ourselves to see is only a fraction of what is possible. The possibilities are there and so are the limitations or anomalies. We need to be attentive to all of these if we are to develop the best of the available futures.

Be willing

The actions we take now determine our next step, but going further means taking it. Leading means exercising the power of choice. Assuming that right and that commitment is not only a cognitive decision, it is also a somatic condition. We are not the result of what we think, we are the result of what we do.

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