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  • Stands for Organization
    and Relationship Systems


    ORSC – Organization and relationship Systems Coaching


    We all belong to systems. In organizations, on our teams and in our social or family life, behavior and communication patterns establish themselves, often imperceptibly. We, in turn, have an impact on them.

    That explains why some teams make us feel capable and motivated, while others make us feel incompetent. There are families that inspire and motivate us, close relationships that enhance our well-being and others that don’t, and we all have of our share of responsibility for them.

    The ORSC ™  Team Coaching, or Relationship Systems Coaching Model, developed by CRR Global, is based on the principle that the Relationship, Culture or System we find ourselves in plays a decisive role in determining our well-being and efficiency. Using the ORSC methodology, tools and exercises, the facilitator or coach accesses the invisible entity that is the culture of the Organizational or Relationship System and makes it visible, enabling the team or system to reach its full potential with the care of its members.

    The ORSC™  Team and Relationship Systems Coaching Model – in existence for over 20 years and taught in 25 countries around the world – is considered one of the most rigorous and effective systems and team coaching models. The ORSC practitioner and ORSCC (certification) credentials are considered to be among the most internationally prestigious accreditations for systems coaching in the industry. Its ACTP accreditation makes it the only team coaching program that provides full competency in this profession, according to the standards established by the ICF:


    This experiential, two-day course will provide you with practical skills and the basics needed to familiarize yourself with this new paradigm. Using a systemic approach, coaching or facilitation has the capacity -in real time- to transform the culture that a group of people generates by being together. In ORSC terms we would say: it reveals the system to itself.

    Advanced Courses

    You will learn the model that serves as the ORSC™  framework, as you explore the differences between individual coaching and coaching a system, or the “Third Entity” (the relationship itself). You will get plenty of experience using systems coaching in real-life situations and scenarios, in a variety of settings, including organizations, companies, families, sports teams, couples and partnerships of all kinds.

    You will also get practice in coaching skills such as entering the system and alignment. This course, which can be taken independently, is a prerequisite for doing the rest of the program.