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  • Co-Active Professional Coach Training




    Fulfillment is a state of aliveness in which we give full expression to who we are, and we do what is right for ourselves in any situation.

    The Fulfillment module develops your ability to help your clients discover their unique values, identify their limiting beliefs and create their vision for a compelling future and a fulfilling life.

    Fulfillment coaching is about creating a life centered around what makes us feel most fully alive.



    People want more balance in their lives and to feel they are choosing their life rather than simply reacting to it.

    Balance is a way to guide our clients to making powerful life decisions and choosing the experience they most desire. In this course you will learn to help your client come up with new perspectives and create action plans anchored in meaningful commitment.



    Process coaching focuses on our clients’ inner experience: their experience of the present, at this precise moment.

    You will learn to help your clients deal with emotionally charged issues.

    Process coaching is about being with clients wherever they are at that moment, especially when they are going through emotionally turbulent experiences in the river of their lives.



    In Synergy you will focus deeply on your client and learn to trust that the direction you need to take is already inside you. Coaching from this place allows you to connect with your intuition, imbuing your coaching with greater flexibility, ease and confidence.

    Synergy recognizes that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Here, the threads of Fulfillment, Balance and Process are powerfully woven together.


    Prerequisites: Co-Active Fundamentals



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