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  • Green Light Go

    Green Light Go


    Individual and team coaching

    The journey of self-transformation requires knowing who we really are and what we… what we really want and commit to achieving it. As coaches we are engaged in exploring and implementing sustainable change.

    Our expertise in coaching allow us to develop other professionals through postgraduate Advance Coaching Techniques courses.

    We also have extensive experience in designing programmes custom tailored to your needs.


    Leadership development

    We expand the individual’s self-awareness through Somatic training and practices, contributing to the development of a responsible vision and presence and committed leadership.

    We are also trained in other Leadership models that offer a flexible and unique approach to being a leader.

    We use 360º assessment and diagnostic tools to obtain a systemic vision of the impact of our leadership which helps us identify and develop our unleashed our potential.


    Team development programs

    We create a safe space in which teams and organizations can thrive and develop whilst reaching their objectives and enhancing the quality of their relationships.

    Each systemic intervention is an opportunity to deepening the meaning of what we do inviting us to become a part of something bigger.


    Diversity and Talent inclusion Programs

    Converting diversity into a competitive advantage that contributes to a professional project—being this social or corporate—requires developing certain tools and abilities.

    Inclusion demands safety and respect so individual talent can be expressed and contribute from a place of diversity.

    Inclusion of diversity requires the inclusion of the safety limits of each of the individuals as well as their commitment to the acceptance of a shared frame of coexistence that will define their collective body.