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    Advancec Courses

    People are inherently in relationship with each other; a group of people with a shared objective or identity constitutes a “system”, by definition. There is a part that is visible, which is the way we organize ourselves, or the rules and structures we build to achieve a common objective. In parallel, there is an equally important “non-visible” part that also develops; it doesn’t depend on the rules themselves, but on the way in which these rules are conveyed, understood and applied.

    ORSC makes it possible to access this “invisible” information and make it visible to the system. Doing so enables organizations, families, teams, couples and partnerships to reach their highest potential and attain their objectives, with the care of all of their members.

    You will come away with:
    • A comprehensive methodology for understanding the different moving parts of a system
    • An understanding of the different tools you can use, in both personal and professional settings, to tackle specific challenges.
    • The ability to identify the combined strengths of the members of an organization, government, family, etc.
    • Practice with the Meta-skills: reading signals, asking questions, and discovering hidden voices.

    The advanced Courses:

    The ORSC program comprises four modules, each three days long.

    Module 2  “Relationship Intelligence”:  focuses on the deep processes of emotional experiences. Emotions are the currency of relationships. You will get an introduction to the process work of  Arnold Mindell and new skills to unfold emotional processes through work with “signals”, “channels” and “edges”.

    Module 3 “Systems Geography”: deals with the usual structures of a relationship, such as roles and cultural influences. Coaching the geography of the system includes working creatively with outer roles (executive function of the relationship); inner roles (emotional function of the relationship); secret roles (hidden personality traits that can be triggered in the relationship) and ghost roles (invisible presences that have an impact on the relationship).

    Module 4 “Relationship Path”:  a soft focus is placed on the space, power and potential of the relationship. Novel and eclectic, it is inspired by quantum physics; by Joseph Campbell’s work on myth; by Taoism; and by process work, to radically explore the deep meaning of the relationship.

    Module 5 “Systems Integration”: the aim of the final module is “moving toward mastery”. This advanced module provides space for learning and integration; a place to take a deep dive and perfect your organization, systems and relationship coaching skills.




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