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  • STROZZI – Embodied Leadership Level 2

    Leadership in Action Two is a deep-dive into Embodiment of the leadership abilities and distinctions learned in Leadership in Action One, with new practices added.

    There is a common belief that once you’ve learned something you’re ready for the next step.

    But experience shows that bringing about transformation – and achieving our objectives – requires continuous practice over time.

    In this course you will be:

    • Exploring in depth how we are conditioned by our life story when under pressure, and how to shift unwanted reactions.
    • Embodying ways of being when working with others.
    • Practicing taking a stand for what is important to you, and for the fulfillment of your goals.
    • Developing the skill of managing capacity and coordinating with others, learning to request/decline effectively.
    • Understanding the powerful leadership skills of insisting and quitting.
    • Developing a deep, authentic presence (bodywork).
    Useful course information

    At Masía Can Juliá, a 500 year-old country house, courses and hospitality are offered in an impeccable setting. Surrounded by vineyards and woods, it offers an exceptional learning environment for assimilation of the Somatic experience, not only during the course, but also during strolls and conversations following sessions.



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