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  • STROZZI – Embodied Leadership Level Two

    STROZZI – Embodied Leadership Level Two


    Embodied Leadership Level 2 deepens the level of embodiment of the leadership skills and distinctions learned in Embodied Leadership Level 1, and brings in new practices.

    It is common sense thinking that once you have done something, it is on to the next thing.

    However it is our experience that learning happens through recurrent practice over time related to our goals and plans for the future. You will continue to deepen the practices of declaring a future, grounding assessments, and building on your leadership style and presence. In addition:

    • You will deeply explore the ways we are driven by our history when under pressure and how to shift those unwanted automatic reactions.
    • Develop an awareness of social and environmental conditions , historical influences and embodied ways of being when working with others.
    • Observe and take into account the whole person, allowing you to coordinate with others successfully to produce powerful results.
    • You will practice taking a stand for what is important to you and for the fulfillment of your goals.
    • Develop the skill of managing capacity and coordinating with others through making effective requests and declines.
    • Understand the application of the powerful leadership skills of insisting and quitting.
    • Develop a deeply authentic quality of presence (bodywork).

    Our goal in this course is to create leaders who are capable of embodying the virtues of authenticity, integrity, responsibility and confidence needed to take useful and creative actions, even under pressure.

    Course information

    The non-residential format of the Programme was offered at a price of 1980€ + VAT and included lunches, tuition fees and course materials. The price for the residential format will also include full accommodation, as well as breakfast and dinner during your stay.  All meals are home-cooked and made with biological ingredients.

    The prices below are special accommodation rates provided to Embodied Leadership Programme participants that wish to stay in the Masía.

    • Shared large double room with bathroom + dinner + breakfast   95€ / night

    • Single room with bathroom + dinner + breakfast                          125€ / night

    *Please note that accommodation prices are to be added to the 1915€ + VAT base programme price.

    We kindly ask you to confirm your preferred accommodation option, together with the number of nights you wish to stay in the Masía by filling in the form provided in the link below.

     (In the event that you have already booked alternative accommodation, or you do not wish to stay in the Masía, please let us know by choosing the “non-residential“ option in the form).

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