Explore your potential through Somatic Coaching

Explore your potential through Somatic Coaching

We will talk about somatic methodology, applied to coaching and leadership development, as well as trauma healing and resilience building. We will work on returning to the body as the domain of action, learning and coordination.

These topics include the difference between implicit and cognitive knowledge. You are not always who you explain you are, both to others and to yourself.

The somatic evaluation of what you do and how you do it, and how you deal with daily challenges or how you explain what you experience, obeys a certain somatic conditioning that is supported by the body we are, our nervous system, our tissues and muscle memory, which have conditioned tendencies.

If we want to change our habits or expand our capacity for action, we have to generate enough «somatic openness» from the tissue level.

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  • Pete Hamill: I am a consultant who specialises in leadership and organisational development. I work with individuals within organisations to help them achieve their potential. I am an expert in Embodied Leadership development.

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